Sameness is our greatest harmony

Why is sameness under attack in an erronormative society? The ultimate cause of all aristophobia is the underlying expectation of future failure by the aristophobe. The deconstruction of all criteria of perfection is simply a social-chameleon defence strategy of aristophobes against any possibility of being held accountable for their errors. In a sense, they like to hide in plain sight and don't want to be found out as the source of their deconstruction.

In the absence of any criteria, ideas cease to be superior or inferior; instead, they are simply different and equal in value. Thus, there are no standards by which to judge the quality nor the origin of anything. Finally, the aristophobe is shielded against the repercussions of all errors by a thick layer of subversive disinformation. Consequently, a diversity of extremely dangerous ideas that would have otherwise been discarded no longer are; this diversity is a source of great conflict between the international community and aristophobes. In fact, many nations in the world have alternated between periods of great erronormativity, followed by periods of painful correction, and so on. Historically, these corrections reflect humanity's deep desire for societal harmony and the sameness required to achieve it; sameness is our greatest harmony.

Naturally, an environment that fails to reward excellence is an anti-humanitarian environment that disadvantages the Aristophilian community and deprives humanity from the intellectual contributions of Aristophiles. For that reason, the repression of excellence is simply incompatible with Aristophilian existence and leadership. As such, all Aristophiles are called to resist the existential threat of erronormativity; the international community depends on it in order to combat the Global Error Crisis. Resisting erronormativity is a process of establishing perfection, standardizing the methods by which it was achieved, and enforcing those methods. Thus, the Aristophobic origin of all subversive deconstruction must be called out, singled out, and stamped out.

In the Age of Beauty, Perfectionment is a corrective process. As such, aristophobes will resent the Aristophilian community for their willingness to uphold that which is correct. Indeed, aristophobes have a deep affinity for wrongness and they react to that wrongness by exporting the costs of their errors to the general public. As a prevention method against backlash, aristophobes never fail to concoct victimhood conspiracy theories when in reality, the victims of aristophobic predation are clearly the Aristophilian community. The legacy of aristophobia must be redressed with reparations payments for the millions of Aristophiles who have been abused at the hands of aristophobic hatemongers. Bigotry and hate are not the values of Perfect Society.

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