Apathy and appeasement are the friends of deception

How is respect under attack in an erronormative society? The reality of aristophobia is one that is deeply rooted in rootlessness, nihilism, and shame. Aristophobes have a fundamental belief that "none of this matters" and "what's the point of anything"; evidently, that belief is incessantly made evident by their aristophobic behaviors and attitudes. Consequently, nihilism is always an excuse for laziness whereas excellence requires effort, and as such, nihilism is a magnet for sub-perfect performance and aristophobic jealousy.

As a result of aristophobic apathy, aristophobes act with a certain carelessness that leaves them open to being deceived and swindled. To further specify, their apathy is great fuel for their gullibility. In turn, their simple-minded nature allows sexually perverted financial predators to trick their aristophobic victims into consuming all kinds of earthly pleasures for the purpose of turning their prey into pleasure addicts - or as the predators call it: profitable slaves. Inclusively, those earthly pleasures can be as simple as video games, video entertainment, gambling, prostitution, and even drugs.

Once aristophobes are made aware of their debauched, decrepit, and disgusting state, their first reaction is to react with rightful shame. Moreover, the manner in which aristophobes cope with that shame is inherently divisive. In further detail, some will engage in a deep self-reflection and self-assessment, and they will attempt to rehabilitate themselves; this is the path taken of those who have self-respect: they view their degenerate lifestyle as a filth beneath the dignity of their name. Once their eyes are open to reality, they will regain a long lost sense of collective identity and respect.

In other words, self-respect is incompatible with the tolerance of depravity. Consequently, no one can have both of those simultaneously. There is simply no scenario wherein that mutually exclusive choice can be avoided. As such, this is the foundational source of division among aristophobes. Metaphorically speaking, it is the sword that cuts between those who rehabilitate and those who will be left behind by the march of history.

As with all things, it is a sad truth that many aristophobes will simply not make it. The bliss of ignorance is the gateway drug of every other pleasure. Once aristophobes' addictions reach a certain threshold, they are unable to return to reality and instead defend the erronormative system that enslaved them. Never forget: the first mechanism of control is never the whip, it's your fellow slaves: "Shush, you will get us in trouble"; after all, predators who profit from pleasure slaves have a tribal and financial interest in conserving their livestock. Inevitably, history will march on, but tragically, they will stay right where they are. Whereas humanity has made it to the Age of Beauty, it is utterly heartbreaking to see that aristophobes remain a relic of the Contemporary Age.

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