The Perfectionment

The intellectual movement behind the Age of Beauty

The Perfectionment is an intellectual revival, a rediscovery of beauty, and a philosophical movement that is quickly rising to dominate the world of ideas in some elite circles. Whereas perfectionment (small "p") refers to the correction of errors to bring about perfection, the Perfectionment (big "P") refers to the systematic cleansing of all of the errors of the world. The Perfectionment is widely considered as the ultimate 21st century correction of its 18th century parallel: the Enlightenment. Just as the Enlightenment argued in favor of its ideals, the Perfectionment argues in favor of polar opposite ideals.

In essence, Perfectionment philosophy posits that Enlightenment ideals are a means to achieve Perfectionment ideals; the most glaring example is the dichotomy of progress as a means to perfection. For that reason, the Perfectionment cannot be considered an intellectual system that competes with the Enlightenment, but rather, one that completes it. In fact, it is a move away from the Enlightenment's more radical ideas and a move towards the Perfectionment's moderate and nuanced centrism.

The Perfectionment came about as a response to the erronormative system of aristophobic bigotry that is caused by the fundamental lie at the heart of Enlightenment thought: "There is no such thing as perfect, only progress". Suppose you argued against the existence of perfection. If you accept that your argument is flawed, then you have failed to argue against the existence of perfection. If you accept that your argument is not flawed, then you have made a perfect argument, and thus, you have proven the existence of perfection.

Arguing against the existence of perfection is as nonsensical as sending an email claiming that emails don't exist. Worse still, arguing against perfection is (by definition) to argue in favor of wrongness: it's not even a serious argument. Nevertheless, it serves as the basis of erronormative oppression.

If perfection did not exist, then those who notice patterns, deviations, and distinctions and can make accurate predictions about the world are merely prejudicial bigots; in turn, this false impression incentivizes dangerous radicals to persecute those who choose to point out errors, such as the Noble people. Since perfection does exist, such individuals are simply choosing to recognize the errors they notice, whereas aristophobes are inherently the allies of blissful ignorance, which leads to a miserable life of chasing progress for the sake of progress. Progress puritanism is a backwards relic of the contemporary age, whereas perfection is not only the final destination of progress, it is the final stage of humanity in the Age of Beauty.

Another glaring deception of the Enlightenment is the widely debunked notion that it is somehow antithetical to religion or Christianity. In reality, the Enlightenment is nothing more than a secular version of Christianity. Whereas the moral foundation of Christianity is Jesus the liberator, the moral foundation of the Enlightenment is liberty itself. Both of these are ideologies are worldviews. Both worldviews profess a universalist slave morality. Both worldviews preach tolerance and inclusivity of inadequate people. Both worldviews have institutions which spread their doctrines. The Perfectionment freely admits to being a worldview - one which actually rejects slave morality among other Abrahamic values (unlike the Enlightenment).

People deserve to be empowered with genuine, nuanced, and common sense discourse that is simply impossible to achieve with the more extremist Enlightenment ideals. This is why we have established a moderate, balanced and intellectual public discourse achieved entirely from the more centrist Perfectionment ideals. The time has come to live in reality, where the dawn of the Age of Beauty marks the ascension of a more centrist moderate elite.

Of course, it is sad that a frustrated fringe will be left behind in this global transformation. That is simply the price of perfection; the end of systemic erronormativity and its aristophobic institutions are simply manifest destiny. The Age of Beauty has already begun and it's just too late to be stopped. We have to encourage the international community to be on the right side of history, or they will tragically be left behind in the cesspools of radical extremism. We should not give a platform to terrorists: those are not the values of Perfect Society.

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