Change is the enemy of perfection

How is perfection under attack in an erronormative society? The very question is somewhat of an oxymoron; nothing that stems from erronormativity can be perfect, as that is a contradiction of terms. Perfection is the absence of error, whereas erronormativity assumes error as the norm. To claim that something is perfect under erronormativity is akin to saying that something is dry under water.

The clearest and most obvious attack of perfection is systemic, in nature. Given the belief of a few rogue radicals that perfection doesn't exist, the pursuit of perfection is often repressed, as it is viewed as an impossible endeavor. In turn, that mentality leads perfection deniers down a dark and dangerous path of "progress puritanism", where improvements are always assumed to be needed (given that nothing is ever perfect). Figuratively speaking, this is a recipe for chasing one's own tail; once perfection is achieved, what will evermore progress lead to? Once perfection is achieved, change becomes the enemy of perfection. The key is that the existence of perfection can't be argued against without proving its existence (more on that here).

Moreover, the gullibility of perfection deniers is to swindlers what honey is to bees. After all, if there is always a need for improvement, then someone has to provide it. That opens the door for profiting under the guise of progress. Imagine if we lived in a perfect world and yet there were those who continued to offer progress, despite there being nothing to improve. At what point, do we recognize a snake oil salesman for what he is?

Much like equality (and Enlightenment ideals, in general), progress is an untenable end in itself, but a reasonable means to an end; in the case of progress, it is a means to achieve perfection. It would be accurate to say that the Enlightenment is the way and the Perfectionment is the goal. Public discourse is advancing into the Age of Beauty, and those who can't keep up with the times will simply not have a serious argument in the discussion.

The most credible voices of society - particularly in media and aristodemia - have a responsibility to the general public not to give a platform to extremists. Progress puritanism is a highway to misery and dissatisfaction. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard, rather than to stoop to the level of frustrated perfection deniers and other backwards conspiracy theorists.

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