Some men are gifted have the duty to protect, lead, and impose order

How is order under attack in an erronormative society? The ultimate goals of erronormative society are to maximize happiness and pleasure. To that end, there is very little that isn't worth sacrificing, including the existence of the people who constitute that inherently self-destructive society. To contrast, the ultimate goals of Perfect Society are to maximize the power and self-perpetuation of the people; happiness is merely a lesser goal, and pleasure is an even lesser one.

No matter how humanitarian an ideal, it is ultimately subject to extinction if it fails to make itself to the next generation. More often than not, immediate pleasures require long-term sacrifices in exchange, particularly the sacrifice of delaying family formation which causes an alarming decline in birth rates. Consequently, the pleasure-seeking habits of erronormative society can only lead to a slow and steady cultural, technological, and societal decay, known as the Global Error Crisis; those who live under erronormative society are so deeply immersed in the errors of their environment that they fail to recognize subsequent errors when they present themselves. To illustrate, it would be like trying to find a white pixel over a white background - a nonsensical and pointless endeavor.

On the other hand, the prioritization of power and self-perpetuation by Perfect Society necessarily ensures the continued existence of the people, and in turn, the consistent ability to exercise power in a humanitarian context. As such, Perfectionment is the only way to cleanse the world from all of its errors. Given the addictions of the common man, the average person cannot be relied upon to join the rest of us in the Age of Beauty. There is nothing more humanitarian than the fruits of gifted men who assume the duty to protect, lead, and impose order. What does that say of those who wish to deny perfection to humanity?

Of course, there are predatory interests that are financially invested in erronormative society. Sadly, many of these aristophobes will refuse to divest and will suffer from the slow and continuous decline of the erronormative empire. Those of us who see the righteous path must nudge these unfortunate individuals in the right direction. The humanitarian power of Perfect Society cannot be stopped for a few angry radicals. Aristophobia and bigotry have no place in Perfect Society, given the grave danger posed by such frustrated extremists. Hatred and bigotry are never the answer.

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