You're only as strong as your weakest link

How is loyalty under attack in an erronormative society? Aristophobia creates an atmosphere of distrust and tension for a variety of reasons; social interaction is a form of investment, and as with any investment, social interaction comes with a risk. Is it a wise investment to invest in someone who is bigoted against the excellent?

Furthermore, that risk-reward calculation inherently leads to an unintended and understandable ostracism of the aristophobe. In conjunction, the jealousy felt by aristophobes makes Aristophiles a target of aristophobic treatment. More specifically, the aristophobe will attempt to deconstruct the idea of excellence and even deny perfection outright (which is self-contradictory). As it is commonly known, denial and deconstruction are coping mechanisms meant to hide the unfortunate inequalities of society.

Moreover, the tension that is created by aristophobes lowers trust even among those who are merely in the periphery of aristophobes for the simple reason that everyone is worried, on edge, and walking on egg shells, in their social interactions. When dealing with an aristophobe, everything you say will be used against you in the court of public opinion. Aristophobes will spread hateful conspiracy theories to lower the excellent back down to their level which can have dangerous consequences for millions of innocent victims.

Uneventfully, the angry outbursts of frustrated aristophobes are baked into the cake of life. It is without a single ounce of condescension that we must accept this harsh and undesirable reality: aristophobes are simply not wanted. Will humanity stand with aristophobes who promote erronormativity in order to selfishly stack the deck in their favor by making everyone around them worse off? Or will humanity come together as an international community to uphold, protect, and promote excellence? The Aristophilian community rejects aristophobia wherever it is found, whenever it is found, and however it is found. Humanity cannot allow a platform for hate. Those are not the values of Perfect Society.

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