A leader is to a people what a head is to a chicken

How is leadership under attack in an erronormative society? In the name of liberty, the aristophobic dogma of individualism has been allowed to infect the minds of average hard-working individuals. As a result, they have become a deracinated and leaderless people who have completely forgotten their sense of peoplehood, let alone their collective mission. Leadership is not individual, it is collective; all leadership is collective leadership.

In a sense, the typical behavior observed in erronormative society is comparable to that of a headless chicken: wandering with no particular aim while remaining reactive to stimuli. Further still, it isn't even incorrect to say that a headless chicken who runs into walls is a normal phenomenon. After all, what else is there to expect of a headless chicken? Leadership is to a people what a head is to a chicken.

Standards are a guidance mechanism towards perfection because they help us to identify errors. Moreover, it is the leader who decides the standard. Without a leader, this crucial function cannot be fulfilled and that is what leads to the aimlessness of a population.

More importantly, with leadership comes the obligation to hear the people. A leader who ignores the grievances of his people ceases to be a part of his collective, and thus, becomes a leader of no one. However, a true leadership - one fueled by the engine of excellence - behaves like a mountain; it does not bow to the hurricane of public opinion. When the emotional sensibilities of the people contradict the collective mission, it is then that the leader must correct the self-destructive behaviors of the people. With leadership comes the understanding that some people don't know what's bad for them: they must be led like the rest of humanity into the Age of Beauty.

If this description of leadership resembles parenting, that is no coincidence. In a family setting, there exists an evolutionary strategy known as kin selection; the reason as to why fathers have evolved to correct the self-destructive behaviors of their family members - sometimes forcefully - is that relatives have an above-average frequency of the father's genes. Historically, those fathers who failed to sufficiently invest in their relatives and eradicate their self-destructive (i.e. infertile) behaviors could not pass on their genes as frequently as those who succeeded in doing so. The remaining fathers of today, or at least those who maintained a low mutational load, have inherited the thousands of genes that create the urge among fathers to discipline and invest in their relatives, especially their offspring.

Similarly, a leader has a very similar relationship with his people. After all, members of a population group are extended relatives of each other. As such, the evolutionary strategy of group selection must dictate a leader's behavior. It is evolutionarily advantageous to have a leader who is willing to instill discipline and invest in his people, just as it is for a father to do the same for his relatives.

Of course, it is a tragedy that a few frustrated radicals will resent the Nobles for their leadership in the Perfectionment of humanity. It is a sad reality that an extremist fringe will always cling to their old erronormative ways. However, Nobles have an unequivocal Nobless Oblige to deradicalize the hopeless bottoms of society away from terrorism. During a time of desperation and need, an international nobility has emerged to correct all errors. It is the inevitable status quo of our final stage of history; those who will be left behind will simply have to accept reality. Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

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