The anti-intellectual system of aristophobic bigotry

It is perfectly normal to ask ourselves how one even gains consciousness of erronormative oppression when swimming in a cesspool of errors. However, any Noble child who has been a daily target of aristophobic persecution would ask a very different question: How could the world stand by in silence as Noble children continue to suffer in the face of a hateful, outdated, and erronormative system of aristophobic bigotry?

Erronormativity refers to a culture or religion that normalizes errors and demonizes those who refer to errors as errors. Furthermore, erronormative culture gives moral justifications for the lynching and murder of those who wish to correct these errors. Erronormative individuals are classless hatemongers who are angrily motivated by jealousy, resentment, and their own inadequacy.

By contrast, Nobles are born with excellent intelligence, excellent looks, excellent health, excellent families, excellent values, excellent culture, and often with an excellent amount of wealth. In short, Nobles are born that way and aristophobes hate Nobles for how they were born which is why they promote erronormative values as an attack on excellence. Typically, adult Nobles are unaffected by this hatred; being hated is something that important people will always have to deal with. However, when Noble children suffer, that crosses a line.

Erronormativity normalizes errors by incentivizing its adherents to status signal by showcasing to what degree they are capable of pretending that they do not notice patterns, deviations, and distinctions. As a result, they treat errors as just another norm. In turn, this prevents them from attaining excellence, given that the pursuit of perfection is a prerequisite thereof. Under erronormativity, those who embrace the pursuit of perfection are inherently the heretics of that religion, and as such, pattern recognition is the only excuse that aristophobes need to harass Noble children and pressure them into hating their family, nation, and Apollonian culture.

Erronormativity is a parasitic relationship among the 2 kinds of aristophobes; it is a heinous tool created by socio-sexual subversives as a mechanism of control for those who already suffer from an errophilic personality. Sadly, errophiles are socially maladjusted individuals who stand to benefit from the normalization of errors. As such, socio-sexual subversives bait their errophilic targets with erronormativity, thus creating a loyal group of followers that socio-sexual subversives can reliably make use of or dispose.

However, the real aims of erronormativity are not for the benefit of the errophile. Instead, it is a way for socio-sexual subversives (the champions of erronormativity) to conceal themselves as a distinct people, namely sexual perverts. If you can notice distinctions, you will notice them; that is the whole point of errnormativity: a war on noticing. Since no religion can survive past its adherents' existence, erronormativity's lowering of birth rates among its adherents is a recipe for its own extinction (see dialectical geneticism). As such, erronormativity is ultimately a hidden genocide of errophiles by socio-sexual subversives.

The roots of modern public relations are bathed with erronormativity. As a result, much of the rhetoric produced from those origins spin a heinous and aristophobic narrative that demonizes excellence. Thus, the aristophilian community is the natural target of that hate and bigotry. In reality, that kind of fringe extremism is a divisive and dangerous message propagated by frustrated radicals who are left behind by the march of history.

Merely being an aristophile is a dangerous endeavour for one simple reason: excellence breeds jealousy. While some follow the herd, aristophiles are not afraid to challenge prevailing assumptions and innovate superior solutions; quite on the contrary, aristophiles proudly place their names next to their contributions, so that humanity may remember the names of those who pulled the world closer to perfection. The system of erronormativity defends error as the norm, punishes excellence, and represses perfection.

The Age of Beauty is the inevitable and final stage of history that has begun: an era of perfection. A frustrated fringe - hopeless radicals at risk of terrorist activity - will sadly be left behind by this new historical era. As a result, this desperate extremist element will resent the Nobles for their leading role in the Perfectionment of humanity, but without their leading role, excellence will continue to suffer from erronormative oppression and perfection will remain repressed.

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