Things are rarely as they seem.

How is compassion under attack in an errornormative society? In nature, it is a common biological pattern of secondary sexual characteristics that evolutionary costs in one gender are interpreted as a signal of evolutionary fitness in the other. A classic example is that of a peacock's tail: the evolutionary signal of not having been predated despite having a bigger tail is an honest signal of a peacock's evolutionary fitness, and as such, it will be selected for by the opposite sex. Thus, altruism is to humans what a tail is to peacocks.

However, not all forms of altruism are made equal; some behaviors that are often interpreted as altruistic are in actuality insincere. To exemplify, there is nothing more illustrative of this phenomenon than displays of compassion. In other words, some displays of compassion can be faked. Any evolutionary signal of fitness that can be faked will be subject to mimicry: compassion is no exception.

Given the virtual absence of any criteria in erronormativity, the distinguishing factor between actual compassion and mere mimicry has been deconstructed. In the process, the bourgeoisie - those who can afford to display altruism - have lost the ability to recognize false moral signals, even their own. Consequently, those who were once rewarded for genuine signals of morality are now placed on equal footing alongside fraudulent altruists.

Furthermore, fraudulent altruism is a form of social parasitism where members of one group, such as aristophobes, pretend to be members of another group like the Aristophiles. Once the notion of criteria are deconstructed, categories and group distinctions vanish; in the eyes of an aristophobe, everyone is on the same team, except for themselves. In turn, Aristophiles find themselves being the victims of hate simply because aristophobes abuse their false status of "family" to expect altruism from Aristophiles while reserving their altruism for themselves. Fundamentally, aristophobia is a disease of social parasites. A famous example of this is the case of sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein who signal themselves as feminists.

Sadly, academia and media are flooded with such individuals, as they are no longer able to attract the same quality of talent as they used to. Nevertheless, times have changed; the Age of Beauty has begun and the Perfectionment of humanity is underway. It's simply tragic that aristophobes will reject our shiny new era; they will be left behind without partaking in the absolute beauty of Perfect Society. A noble world order is under construction and the Aristophilian community will be the vanguards of this intellectual revival, and they will be resented for that leading role, but without their foot forward, the Global Error Crisis will bring about the slow collapse of erronormative institutions under the weight of their own errors. It's simply going to happen and the international community will just have to come together on the right side of history.

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