IOP Services

The Institute of Perfection TM is funded by the sale of the services below. Our services are provided on a contractual basis; contact us for more information.

Note: Sales taxes apply in addition to all prices listed below.

Service Description Price Discount Button 5% Off
Brand Protection* Smeared by fake news? Get big names & media outlets to vouch for your side of the story $1000 ---
Press Release Publishing a public statement to the press $500 DBN logo
Guest Posting Publishing an article on a news organization $500 DBN logo
Content Writing Creating content for a book, webpage, or promo. Price indicated is for 60 pages. $1000 DBN logo
Communiqué Designing a communiqué to meet predetermined objectives $100 DBN logo
Reputation Management Developing a reputation management strategy $1000 DBN logo
Digital Marketing Implementing a brand, product, website, video, or social media promotion strategy. $1000 DBN logo

* Brand protection is offered as a monthly subscription service. The service is only available to pre-existing clients. We do not accept clients after the fake news smear-pieces have already been published. We collaborate with the Open Source Intelligence Consortium (OSIC) to provide this service; for specifics on how we protect your brand, please visit OSIC.