About The IOP

The Institute of Perfection TM ("IOP") is a public relations research and development brand, created to solve the global issue of underdeveloped public relations techniques. The IOP is the sister brand of AristoTech TM - a high-end web design and development brand.

The consequences of the global issue of underdeveloped public relations techniques cannot be ignored: stakeholders share soulless relationships with one another; in fact, one of the most common ways to foster loyalty among stakeholders is through financial incentives for repeated transactions. When stakeholder loyalty is so scarce that it must be purchased, that is the ultimate sign that it is time to completely rethink public relations.

Essentially, the core of this issue lies with what was once the erronormative culture in which the roots of public relations stem from. Namely, Edward Bernays (the father of public relations) developed the foundations of modern public relations during a time where the predominant mindset was that of progress for the sake of progress - an extremist mindset referred to as "progress puritanism". This fringe mindset stems from the mentality of frustrated individuals. In turn, it leads to dangerous rhetorical drivel that only serves to foment aristophobia and bigotry.

To this day, the public relations industry continues to apply techniques and concepts founded on progress puritanism, despite the fact that the world has outgrown that radical outdated mindset. At the IOP, our goal is to advance the field of public relations to the dawn of a new age: the Age of Beauty.

The time has come for the world of public relations to move away from extreme backwards progress puritanism, and towards a more balanced mindset that is more natural to the human condition: a mindset of perfection. It's time for the public relations industry to join the rest of the modern world in the Age of Beauty. Perfection is the foundation upon which we correct and redevelop outdated public relations techniques.